About us


About Us


We pride ourselves on being experts in servicing and repairs of Aerated Septic systems in the Central Coast and Hunter Areas. Our Staff are friendly, polite and helpful.

Our team of trained, council approved technicians are reliable and have a wealth of knowledge and experience of more than 25 years. We are available 365 days of the year.

Council require that aerated septic systems (AWTS) to be serviced quarterly and report lodged to them. At a regular quarterly service, we complete a 40 point checklist report to check that each stage of treatment is operating correctly.
Tank with sea — Wastewater in Maitland, NSW
This includes the following:
  • Check air and irrigation pumps are working correctly
  • Clean air and irrigation filters
  • Check air pump pressures
  • Replenish chlorine or check UV treatment
  • Check alarms
  • Check sludge/scum levels
  • Check disposal irrigation areas are working correctly
  • Basic water testing
  • Repairs to air pumps and airlines if required
  • Repairs to irrigation pumps & float switches if required
  • Repairs to irrigation lines & filters if required
  • Removing obvious accessible roots & runners entering the system.
  • We ensure a copy of the service report is forwarded to council, a copy left or sent for your records and we keep a copy on file.
  • We can organise and co-ordinate pumpouts and refilling of your system when required.



  • Keep power to System on at all times.
  • Have Regular Services as required by Council.
  • Use "Septic Safe" cleaning and washing products (check the labels).
  • Follow guidelines for washing powder/liquid quantities.
  • Read "Comments" on Service Reports.
  • Use Actizyme in your toilets to encourage healthy bacteria growth in the system.
  • Keep irrigation/disposal are mowed and maintained.
  • If your system is flooding ring All Systems as soon as possible.
  • Ring All Systems if you have an alarm sounding or you have any problems or queries.
  • Display a Notice near the toilet advising Users that you have a Septic System (we can provide these for you) and providing a rubbish bin close to encourage correct disposal of foreign items.



  • DO NOT use antibacterials, bleach Napisan or similar products — only use "SEPTIC SAFE" products — as per labels.
  • DO NOT allow any foreign items to enter the system e.g. Ladies/men's products, wipes, nappies, hygiene products, cotton buds etc.
  • DO NOT overuse water unnecessarily - Try to avoid lengthy showering & spread washing loads over the week.